Off-road racing is the original extreme sport.  Drawing crowds of several million, off-road racing has become one of the most popular and challenging series in motorsports.  It is a series designed to test the skills of the best drivers and team members in the most technically advanced vehicles in the world.  These vehicles are as sophisticated as any Indy, NASCAR or Formula One race car but are designed for the extremes of the desert.  They are highly modified in terms of the motor, suspension and chassis and can endure the most excessive temperatures and rugged terrain.


Renegade Racing has been in existence since 2000, with members of the team competing in races for more than 45 years.  With over 75 years of combined knowledge in the sport it is hard to find a more prepared and professional team.  With our funding coming from our valued sponsors, it is paramount that marketing Monster Energy’s name and products is our first goal.  Our philosophy is that if we takecare of the people that care of us, we all cross the finish line!  Our results have demonstrated this on the track as well.  With years of wins in class and numerous awards, Renegade Racing is one of the most respected and feared privateer teams in the sport.


Currently a race team of three (3) reliable race vehicles and growing:

Team Renegade
Team Renegade
Team Renegade

Ford F150 Class 8 Truck (Powered by a Ford 525HP Power Plant, C6 Trans, King Shocks, etc.)

“State of the Art” Class 5 Unlimited (GM Motor, Mendeola Transmission, Fox Shocks, BFG’s, etc.)

A “40 year fan favorite” Class 11 Car
(VW based rally car)

Seven Chase Truck Vehicles

A minimum of 20 hands-on pit crews, chase teams, mechanics, etc.

Team Renegade
Team Renegade
Team Renegade
Black Knight
PCI Race Radios
BFGoodrich Racing
Alpha Fab Industries, Inc
Kar Tek Off Road

Feel free to call/text me at 602.315.4892

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